May the 4th – dag 64 i #blogg100

May the force be with you.

The force to spread love and compassion where there is hatred, even if that ”where” is towards yourself.

The force to see the small spark of light in the darkness, to let there be light, and to carry  and care for that light so that it can grow over time and shine throughout the world.

The force to be curious and amazed where cynicism prevails.

The force to listen behind the immediate words and imminent ”truths”.

The force to harbor complexity and uncertainty in the midst of simplistic and black-and-white arguments.

The force to seek and find the onlyness in yourself and others, and to respect, value and explore the complementarities in the whole that we are together.

The force to be grateful even when you’re expected to feel entitled.

The force to dance in the rain.

Finally: may the force be with you to dare greatly and go beyond fear, shame and apathy, so that you may live fully into your last breath.