#lyrikfredag – Reinvention

img_4622Jag fick en dikt i mejlboxen häromdagen av kära Helena. En dikt ”om dig” skrev hon. Oh, ja! Dikten är av Tara Sophia Mohr, författare och coach med fokus på kvinnors ledarskap och välmående. Tack, Helena, för omtanken och för en ny spännande bekantskap.


There is always the possibility

of reinvention

sometimes born of longing

sometimes offered faintly,

like birdsong in your ear


born of pain.

Life is long for a reason.

So that every chapter swells

with a new chapter of us,

so there is time to change

the meaning of your name

to everyone around you,

and especially

to you.

When the name that once meant

tired girl comes to mean

she who rose again,


art begins.

I met a woman

whose house burned down

and in the ashes

she found the blaze of her self.

Now it roars

still angry, sometimes uncontrolled,

always a blinding light.

If you see her on the street,

bow to her courage.

Stare back into her flickering animal eyes,

and know, she is fighting a fight.

-Tara Sophia Mohr

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